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about Life and Faith

Life and Faith is a multifaith weekly television program airing throughout Southwestern Ontario.

On the air since 1984, Life and Faith shares the stories of the various faith communities in the region. The show began with the Anglican, the Roman Catholic and United faiths. The Baha’i, Jewish and Muslim communities have been partners over time, as well as the Presbyterian church on occasion. Originally airing on Roger’s cable in London, the show moved from cable to broadcast television around 1990 and expanded to two stations: CTV London CTV Windsor. As the stations changed identities and owners over the years, the show has remained a staple part of the Sunday morning line-up.As of Sept. 2012 Life and Faith will no longer be aired or produced do to a lack of support

With the launch of the website in 2008, we began to share the Life & Faith of southwestern Ontario with the rest of the world.